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What I learned February-April (DCU Coaching Masterclass)

It’s been a crazy few months. As is shown by the lack of blog posts of late. I won’t get everything that I’ve learned squeezed into this blog post but I will give it my best shot.

I attended a coaching masterclass series in Dublin City University from the end of February to the middle of March. Speakers included Billy Walsh, Jim Gavin and Gary Keegan as well as other coaches of the highest quality. I won’t bore you with pages upon pages of notes I took but I will give you the overlapping qualities and messages that all the coaches seem to convey.

  • Passion: Each and everyone of the coaches who spoke exuded passion
  • Attention to detail: To attain the highest level of performance no area that effects performance can be overlooked
  • Reflection: Coaches and Players need to give themselves the time and space to reflect on their performance. The importance of this can not be underestimated
  • Team: Not only do players need to be surrounded by a good team, coaches do to. People that will support and help coaches to be in the frame of mind they need to be to help their athletes perform
  • Humility: Bar one of the speakers, all the coaches exuded humility and tried to foster that attidude in their players. To treat victory and defeat in the same manor and focus on the process or journey was one of the key take home messages
  • Journaling: This is my single greatest learning experience and will be reflected in the following blog posts. There is no doubt in my mind, there is a direct correlation between an athletes ability to monitor there performance through journalling and note taking and their performance. I will write more on this in future posts.

There was a lot more than this and I would be happy to share my thoughts with you in greater detail. Just send me an email with any questions and I will get back you with any answers I can provide.

All the best,