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Tiger, meditation and the long term approach

I’m reading a book on meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn. In one section on sitting meditation he suggests to ‘Try it for a few years and see what happens’

As Golfers how many of us could adopt the same patience when it comes to changes we make in our games? How many times have swing changes been abandoned after one drive finds it way beyond the white posts or settles in a watery grave?

In general life how many times have resolutions been dropped, goals and new plans gone after a number of days or weeks?


Sean Foley Tigers coach described him as ‘The only player I know, who meditates EVERY day’, maybe it’s this practice that has allowed Tiger enter into swing changes with such peace of mind regardless of initial results only to come out stronger each time.


The next time any of us decide to make changes in our lives or in our game for the better. Let’s take the long term approach and try it for a few years and see what happens.