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The 5 strategies used by the best players I’ve worked with

I have taken some time to reflect on how this season has gone so far for the player’s I have the pleasure of working with. During this I started to notice a pattern among the players that have progressed most.

Like any coach I can only help a player to the extent that they are willing to help themselves and with that in mind I think these 5 strategies I’ve noticed amongst my students that consistently make good progress.

1) They view challenges and setbacks as opportunities learn and improve

This is crucial to growth and progress. When you are faced with a disappointment or a challenge you can blame the course, the tournament, playing partners and your caddie or you can learn from what happened make a plan and get down to the kind of work that will prevent this from happening again in the future. Carol Dweck has written an amazing book on this called Mindset. I whole heartedly recommend for everyone to read this book at some stage.

2) They reflect on their performance regularly

Taking the time on a weekly basis to review your performance in play and training is another key component to making consistent progress. No matter whether it’s a good week or a poor week there is always something to be learned. Some players schedule this time into their diary and get good results because of it.

3) They write stuff down

This may sound overly simplistic but the best players I work with always tend to carry a notebook. They may use this for goals, ideas, recording stats and practice games but the act of writing down on paper your thoughts and ideas is incredibly beneficial. It clears the mind to focus on the task at hand and it makes you much more likely to recall this information whenever you need it. Writing stuff down can change your life (article)

4) They embrace change

This may come in the form of new challenges, a higher level of competition adjusting to a new handicap or a new title after winning a championship but the best players I work with embrace change. They love the challenge of growing, adapting and progressing to perform at higher levels. Dr. Steve Peters talks about this at length in his book The Chimp Paradox, another must read for anyone looking to develop a great mindset.

5) They surround themselves with a great team

I wrote about this on my blog recently but surrounding yourself with people motivated to help you become the best you’re capable of becoming is a key characteristic in those making progress in their game. Seek out those who will push you to the edge of your ability

One of my favourite qoutes is ‘You are the sum of the five people you CHOOSE to spend most time with’ Think about that.

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