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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I have been reading a lot Leo Babaouta’s stuff over at¬†lately and I have been really impressed. He has a very simple philosophy on life and it resonated with the way I had been thinking for quite a while now. In the modern age of commercialism, internet, TV, magazines and mobile phones it can be very hard to disconnect and get a feel for what is our natural state.

Only by simplifying what we actually need from what we may want or feel we should want based on the information we are exposed to from the media streams mentioned above can we begin to get back our ownership of what we do and enjoy our lives more.

From a playing golf perspective what to we actually need?

  • A golf Course
  • A golf ball (maybe two in case you lose one ūüėČ
  • Some tees
  • Some clubs (definitely not 14)
  • A bag to hold them in (mainly because clubs insist upon it)

That’s it as far as I’m concerned everything else is purely discretionary.

From a coaching golf perspective what have I focused on lately?

I’ve¬†endeavoured¬†to help students learn

  • The ball-club relationship and the different ways we can play with that relationship to make the ball move in different ways
  • The different ways we can set up our bodies and how that can effect the relationship above
  • The¬†different ways the terrain we are standing on can effect the ball club relationship

From a technical view point that’s pretty much it, other than that, no more than I have spent time de-cluttering my home (getting rid of all the¬†unnecessary crap that we gather over time) I have found myself helping my students de-clutter their golf games getting rid of all the¬†unnecessary¬†thoughts and expectations they have laden themselves down with.

So grab a few clubs and few balls and go play. No goals, no expectations, no technical must do’s, no mental must do’s, just play. Simplify…… if you want.

All the best,