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Rory proves golf is a team game!

Last weekend Rory proved what I’ve believed for quite some time. Performing the best you’re capable in the sport of golf is a team game. You need a strong group of people around you that help you access the your highest level of perfromance. There was a great article in The Independent this week that brought us through the people that surround Rory and contribute to his performance. Click on the link below for the full article.

Rory’s Team

Back row, left to right: Brad-George Simpson, Michael Bannon, JP Fitzgerald, Paul McVeigh. Front row, left to right: Harry Diamond, Gerry McIlroy and Sean O'Flaherty

When people think of a team that surrounds a player they tend to think of a:

  • Golf Coach
  • Psychologist
  • Physio
  • Manager

However as this article demonstrates the team of people behind Rory include so many more people than that. They include his best mate, his Dad and his chef. Everyone that an athlete comes into contact with, plays their role.

As a coach I have created teams to surround players that never had a team before and it has had a positive impact on performance on each occasion. It’s my job as coach then to liase with the team and make sure that we are all delivering the same positive messages to the player involved.

Through my work with the various national unions and the NUI Maynooth I have had the privilege to be part of a strong team working with a singular focus to help those players that trust us to help them progress. This kind of environment incredibly inspiring and motivating to be part of.

When I set up Golf College Ireland my main goal was to help young people have access to a team of people motivated and driven towards helping them succeed. We have managed to do that with great success this year and I’m looking forward to announcing the details of this years programme over the coming week or so.

I myself also have a team around me to help me progress as a coach and person. They include mentors I come to for advice, friends I know I can count on, family and fellow coaches I can lean on and learn from. The reason this post came about is partly because my friend and IT consultant reminded me how long it had been since I’d written a post. (slap on wrist)

I’ll leave you with this. Who is on your team? Are you trying to go it alone? What people do you trust to help you this off season to get your game to the next level. I am happy to help guide you and put the right people in place to give your training the structure it needs. Everyone regardless of your current level needs the right team to succeed. Contact me if you would like more info.

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