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Pre-Round Body Scan

A couple of days ago myself and a friend of mine that I train and practice a lot with went to see our trainer Dominic Munnelly ( ). After the session we spoke at length about our individual mobility and stability issues and how they affect not only our ability to lift weights but how it may affect our ability to remain in good posture, produce power etc. during around especially when playing a number of days succession  As it happened I had attended a Yoga class the previous evening with Ann Marie Kennedy from . And as a result I was able to maintain a better position in my deadlift and increase the weight I pulled. This confirmed the importance of remaining as mobile and flexible as possible for me.

With that in mind we got on to the idea that every morning especially prior to a tournament round. We should all try and perform a quick body scan and work on the areas that are stiff or tight with a little extra stretching or foam rolling. So I have attached a video I shot with Dominic a number of months ago in which he runs through four great mobility exercises that will assess your current state of mobility and give you a good indicator of which areas require some immediate attention prior to playing.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

All the best,