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What I learned from Pete Cowen

I had the pleasure of listening to Leading European Tour Coach Pete Cowen speak yesterday. He coaches Greame McDowell, Fed Ex Cup Champ Henrik Stenson and Louis Ousthuizen to name but a few. I got a lot of value from the presentation. I always find when you meet someone who has reached the top in their chosen field, it’s the habits and processes that we can learn most from. So I’m happy to share with you guys what I learned from yesterday.

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  • Process is king, not outcome. It’s what you do on a daily basis that counts
  • All player’s have their own swing DNA
  • We must learn to help them control their own DNA better
  • If a world class player comes into your life your only job is, in his words not mine ‘don’t f*ck them up’
  • He became a better coach when he learned and understood the science of how the body moves and what muscles control the movement
  • Research, research, research
  • If you don’t believe there is a better way to do whatever you are doing then you should walk away because that’s where inspiration comes from
  • Don’t believe anyone else’s opinions, develop your own beliefs
  • Use Trackman, 3D, SAm Puttlab etc. as base reference points for when performance is good and when performance has slipped. How to produce the numbers you want comes from understanding movement
  • Do everything through experience, take nothing for granted
  • Develop your own research and development programme
  • Use people with expertise in different areas to help your players, don’t try and do it all yourself

He is a great guy to listen to and has a wealth of knowledge not just on golf but on anatomy and biomechanics too. he is a straight talker who’s honesty I’m sure is appreciated by his players. A lot of his beliefs align with my own, and some don’t which is part and parcel of what we do.

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