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Five free apps I use every day!

Technology has changed the way we live and it has also changed the way we play and coach sports. With that in mind I’ve put together in no particular order the top five apps I use every day.


Eduffi has been an absolute game changer for me over the last few months, it allows me to keep up to date with all my students. All coaching notes, videos, documents and skill challenges are kept in the one place. For a lot of the players I work with, especially those performing at a high level. I am part of a team, one of the performance coaches they’ve chosen to help them achieve their goals. Eduffi allows us as a team to share information and ensures we are all working off the same template and pulling in the same direction.

One of the areas I specialise in is performance analysis. I believe we are only starting to embrace the hugely positive benefits of consistent performance analysis in golf. This is in part because traditional golf stats had very little correlation with on course performance. The system I use with the players I coach is It’s an awesome system based on average shots to the hole and dispersion rates. The data provided gives a clear guide on skill gaps and helps inform player’s strategy and training plans.

Coaches Eye

With the advance in cameras on all modern phones. The need for expensive high speed cameras is nearly non existent. Coaches eye is a great app that enables me to record video, draw on the video using a whole host of analysis tools and share the video on that player’s eduffi training space within minutes. There are many other similar apps I’m sure are equally as good, coaches eye just happens to be the one I’ve chosen.


Evernote is a note taking app that can be used on or offline. It’s synced between all my devices. It allows me to clip quotes from books, jot down notes on players skills challenges or key words on technical changes so I can put them in session notes later. You can also search text from photos saved on it. It’s an interactive filing system that allows me to keep on top of all the stuff I would otherwise lose track of. If you like me need help staying organised. I can’t recommend it enough.


Like most coaches I’m a self confessed learn-aholic. I am constantly finding or being sent great online articles, videos and podcasts to listen to. Unfortunately I usually to wait days before I have time to sit down and read/watch/listen to them. Pocket allows me to save them all in the one place and stores them so I can get to them on or offline. It makes travel so much easier knowing I have a treasure trove of interesting articles etc to look forward to.

I am sadly not paid by any of these companies (however if they want to pay me I’m open to that 😉 but they do make my life as a coach a lot easier. If you haven’t used any of these apps I’d encourage you to start. If you do use them I’d love to hear your feedback.

All the best,