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Do you putt without a doubt!

Mark O’Meara who is well known as Tiger’s best friend within the tour ranks was once asked what made Tiger such a prolific winner during his peak around 2000-2001 and his reply was ‘He had absence of doubt’. Doubt in any aspect of life can be very destructive, in golf it is fatal. We have all been over shots in the past and felt that pang of doubt just before we pulled the trigger, this pang results in a very poor outcome in most cases.

In this post I’m going to concentrate on doubt on the greens. Doubt is like a disease that destroys all sense of feel, touch and finesse when it comes to usually sound putting strokes. What is the major source of doubt on the greens? In my experience the majority of players tend to doubt whether they have correctly assessed where to aim their putter in order to hole the putt at hand.

Players get over putts, doubting whether it will break to the right or to the left or how much it will break or if it will break at all. This can lead to a whole world of issues. Player’s may manipulate the face just prior to impact in an effort to alleviate the doubt they felt at set up or another common problem is players will make adjustments to their speed, increasing their if they feel they haven’t allowed for enough break or decreasing their speed if they feel they have allowed for too much break!


So what’s the solution? Simples! Learn to read greens. If you like the majority of golfers use their previous experience to provide a decent guess at how much a ball will break by looking at the line of your putt from numerous angles! You are not putting to the best of your ability. Using AimPoint green reading techniques you can learn exactly what factors cause a ball to break and you can learn solid fact based techniques to identify how to use this information to accurately predict the amount of break for every putt you’ll ever play. You will also learn why your eyes can’t be trusted.

The AimPoint green reading process in photos (approx 10-15 seconds):


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