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Putting Performance & AimPoint Green Reading

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Putting Performance

Donal is considered Ireland’s leading putting coach and will help you get the most out of your performance on the greens. Donal works with numerous National Squads, Touring Professionals as well as amateurs of every level. Below are some the core areas that Donal will work with you on, to help take your putting performance to the next level.

Putter Fitting

Using a putter that is fit to your movement and stroke patterns is key to performing to your potential by avoiding manipulations and compensations. At the indoor putting studio in Leopardstown Golf Centre Donal uses the latest technology via the SAM Puttlab to ensure that you get the putter that suits you best. Below are some of the considerations that are taken into account when fitting your putter.

  • Length and Lie – Fit to your posture and movement Pattern
  • Head style – Fit to your stroke pattern, aiming strategy and personal preference
  • Face Balance – Fit to you stroke pattern
  • Weight – Fit to the speed of the greens you play on most
  • Grip type and thickness – Fit to your rate of rotation

Optimal Movement and Technique

No two strokes are ever the same and no one is perfect. With that in mind it is important for you to learn how to maximise your potential on the greens based on YOUR patterns and tendencies. Through observation, analysis (SAM puttlab, video & performance testing) and feedback Donal will help you understand and get the most out of your movement and stroke patterns.

Personal Training Plan

Most people when they practice their putting they do so with a lack of purpose and with little understanding as to what they are trying to achieve. A crucial aspect of Donal’s approach to putting is that each student leaves with a clear understanding of how, why, where and when to work on their putting performance. Each training session is split into three components listed below.

Technical – Working on individual stroke and movement patterns

Skill – Training the putting skills touch control, start direction, green reading and entry speed

Performance – Measured competitive practice working on processes & personal putting routine

Performance Analysis

An important part of a players ongoing success on the greens is performance analysis. If you’re not measuring you’re guessing. Donal uses two methods for putting performance analysis that rules out the useless old school stat that is putts per round. Donal has developed a way for players to measure their strokes gained per round using the PGA Tour Averages as a benchmark. Donal also uses who have a brilliant method for measuring putting performance. This analysis allows for focused coaching sessions and will form the basis for you personal training plan.

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AimPoint Green Reading


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When it comes to putting, coaches and students inevitably gravitate towards the technical aspect for improvement. AimPoint Technologies focuses on the science of predictive putt technology and green reading instruction. This technology has been used regularly on the PGATour since 2007 and won the Award for Technical Achievement at the 2007 Sports Emmy Awards.

Donal is one of only two golf coaches in Ireland certified to deliver AimPoint Green Reading techniques. Whether you’re a professional golfer, caddy, junior or amateur AimPoint Green-Reading will transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught – “Exactly where to Aim”

AimPoint Express Read

AimPoint’s latest read is the quickest, easiest and the most accurate read ever. In seconds you will have an accurate reliable read for any putt regardless of difficulty. This read has only been available since November 2013 and already has been used by a number of PGA tour players this season.

What you will learn:

  • Feeling Slope
  • Break Direction
  • Short Putts – Long Putts
  • Choosing correct AimPoints
  • Capture Speed
  • Estimating Stimp
  • Multiplane and Double breaking Putts

Watch to Frank Nobilo on The Golf Channel discussing the AimPoint Express read.

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