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Advice we all need from Jocko Willink

I haven’t written a blog post in a long time so bear with me. I plan on writing them more often and they will take the form of some ideas, thoughts, observations and some of the stuff I’ve read or learned that might be of interest to people. I will try and keep them short as in this day and age people’s attention spans aren’t well suited to long written pieces, I know mine isn’t. I hope you can draw some ideas from the posts and implement them. I will be using what I write as much as a reminder for myself to stay on track and put what I have learned into action as much as I hope they will inspire others to the same.

This post is inspired by ex navy seal Jocko Willink, if you like me need reminding of what’s possible, if you abandon laziness and excuses then l suggest you check him out. Especially his instagram. I listened to a piece by him recently and it contained probably one of the best advice I’ve ever received. So I wanted to share it.

Here goes:

If you want to practice more……… Practice more.

If you want to stop eating like crap…… Stop eating like crap.

If you want to think more positively…. Think more positively.

If you want to sleep more….. Sleep more.

If you want to sleep less….. Sleep less.

If you want to improve your short game….. Improve your short game.

If you want to see your friends more…. See your friends more.

If you want to train more…. Train more.

If you want to be more organised…… Be more organised.

If you want to be more disciplined…. Be more disciplined.

I know it seems simple and I guess that’s why it struck a cord with me, it is simple you just need to throw out your excuses, quit whinging, stop talking about it and DO THE WORK. There are no short cuts, no two step hacks and no wonder potions when it comes to improving at anything. I’m as guilty as the next person for looking for quick fixes and losing my inner battles but this is something I’m going to work hard at. I hope you like me can learn to cut the bullshit and get to work.

Thanks Jocko.

Further reading: Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art is also a great reference for similar ideas on this.