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5 reasons you need to find the right people to train with!

Over the last number of years I have been fortunate to be involved with a number of squads and groups in my capacity as a golf coach. Just recently I was working with the Danish National Squad at their April training camp in Aalborg, and I was inspired to write this post. You become who you surround yourself with.

So here are the five reasons I firmly believe if you want to fulfil your potential, you need to find people that will push you there:

1) The people you spend time with will feed your character, for bad or for worse.

If you hang around with people who quit, walk away from tough situations and stay in their comfort zone they will feed the part of you that wants to do the same. You will quit and walk away in those situations too. If however you surround yourself with people who don’t quit and welcome the resistance then you will build and develop those qualities right along with them.

2) You will train strong and resilient skills instead of jumping from one technique to the next

The amazing thing that happens when you get a group of like minded players together and set tasks for them to solve/work on is the intensity of the training goes to another level. They dig deep and work harder than they ever would on their own. When people practice on their own they tend to sit back, drop the intensity level and focus solely on technique. Now who wouldn’t want to develop the skill to dig deep and find the depths of their ability.

3) Accountability

Anyone who has worked with me for a prolonged period of time will know how much I value training plans and more importantly sharing those training plans with me and others they trust. This makes the player accountable. Once you are accountable the likelihood of you following through on the plans you make increases dramatically. Being part of a training group makes you accountable, if you aren’t putting in the same level of effort or making the same sacrifices as other within the group then you have nowhere to turn but inwardly if results aren’t what they should be.

4) Shared Experience

Golf and many sports can be a lonely game and few people will ever understand the effort it takes to reach a high level of performance. However when you train and play with others on the same path as you are on. Then you have a group to fall back on in hard times and a group to celebrate with in good times. Where everyone understands the effort and sacrifices that have been made.

5) Possibility

Training with others and watching their achievements and successes opens your mind to possibility when you see someone you train or have known well achieve something you would love to achieve. You start to believe that it’s possible for you too.

When I talk about this I hear a lot of excuses like I haven’t got any people like that around me or the kind of people I admire wouldn’t want to spent time with me. That is nonsense! Human endeavour and achievement is the same regardless of the discipline, if you haven’t golfers(or athletes of your chosen sport) of that level to train with, then arrange to have coffee or food with successful businessmen or athletes from other sports. They will have had to make the same sacrifices, the same mistakes and put in the kind of work you need to. Read biographies of great leaders and sports people, let the lives of others inspire you to do the work you are capable of.


You = The sum of the five people you choose to spend most time with!

All the best,


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Thank you to the squads and like minded people that have helped and inspired me to date:

Irish National Regional Squads

Danish National Squad

Turkish National Squad

NUIM Maynooth Scholarship Programme

Golf College Ireland Students

Every Coach I’ve worked with

Friends and Family

Authors of books I’ve learned from

Everyone who has ever given their all doing something they love!