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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Don’t work at your game, play it!

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In the past I would always have been an advocate of stressing the need to work at everything we do. I would have been disappointed if one the players that I spend time with wasn’t showing the work ethic that I thought they needed to get to the level I thought they were capable of. However after […]

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The 60 Day Practice Challenge


The 60 day practice challenge is based on this article by Daniel Coyle of The Talent Code fame. The idea of the challenge is to prove that success is knowing that you did everything you could to become the best you are capable of. For the sake of this challenge that involves practicing for 60 consecutive days […]

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Tiger, meditation and the long term approach

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I’m reading a book on meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn. In one section on sitting meditation he suggests to ‘Try it for a few years and see what happens’ As Golfers how many of us could adopt the same patience when it comes to changes we make in our games? How many times have swing changes […]

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My New Website


This is my first blog post since getting my website redesigned and I have to say it’s been a brilliant learning experience. Although my last website served me well and got my message out there I always thought the general appearance was a little amateurish and didn’t reflect the level of professionalism I strive to […]

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